Rio Maior Salinas Flavored Salts Set 4 tubes


Rio Maior Salinas Flavored Salts Set 4 tubes

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An exclusive selection of 100% natural salts, perfect for enhancing the flavor of your meals. This pack includes four tubes of flavored salts, each offering a unique seasoning to diversify your taste buds.

The salts included in this set are:

1. Mediterranean Seasoning: Made with aromatic herbs typical of the Mediterranean, this salt will add a touch of freshness and flavor to your dishes.

2. Pasta Seasoning: Specially developed to enhance the flavor of pasta, this seasoning will transform your recipes into true delights.

3. Italian Seasoning: Combining the best of Italian culinary traditions, this flavored salt will bring an authentic Italian touch to your dishes.

4. Seasoning for Sautéed Vegetables: This seasoning was carefully created to enhance the natural flavor of sautéed vegetables, bringing an explosion of flavors to your vegetarian dishes.

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