Jewelery Coffret with scented soaps - Lavender

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We are pleased to present the Jewelry Gift Set with scented soaps - Lavender. This handcrafted piece is created by selected designers and is inspired by the traditional. Made from cork, one of Portugal's most emblematic natural products, this gift set combines the elegance and charm of the old world with the technical capabilities of the modern world.

The Jewelry Gift Set with scented soaps - Lavender is an original and unique piece that not only adds a touch of art to your home, but is also functional. In addition to being perfect for storing your most precious jewelry, this gift box also includes two scented soaps of 50g each. The soaps are created with traditional Portuguese fragrances, lavender being one of the most popular and relaxing.

This gift set is an excellent gift suggestion for lovers of crafts and decoration, as it combines the beauty of cork with the elegance of handcrafted pieces. Furthermore, it is an original and exclusive gift option that will certainly delight whoever receives it.

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