Pastel de Nata Earthenware Cup


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The Pastel de Nata Faience Cup is a unique and handcrafted piece made in faience from Caldas da Rainha. With an innovative design inspired by the famous Portuguese custard tarts, it provides a unique experience.

Each glass is carefully handmade, guaranteeing its quality and exclusivity. Made with sturdy material, this cup is durable and handcrafted. Furthermore, its pastel de nata shape allows you to enjoy your favorite drink in a fun and elegant way.

Perfect as a gift or to add a special touch to your own home, this faience cup is a reflection of traditional Portuguese crafts and love for typical food. Take advantage now and purchase your Pastel de Nata Faience Cup, an exclusive piece that will certainly be a highlight in your decoration collection.

Enjoy a Pastel de Nata that doesn't leave crumbs!