Sustainable Spoon Stand/Snack Bowl


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Spoon holder, snack bowl, reused bottles, artisanal, sustainable, local, home and decoration, gift suggestions, original gifts. Perfect for adding an artisanal and sustainable touch to your home. Made from reused bottles, each piece is carefully crafted by hand, making it a true work of art and eco-friendly!

In addition to being an ecologically conscious option, this spoon holder/snack dish is also a versatile and functional piece. It can be used to support spoons while cooking or as an elegant snack bowl at events and meetings with friends and family.

The exclusive design of the Sustainable Spoon Holder/Petisqueira makes it an excellent choice for decorating any environment. Whether in the kitchen, living room or even at the dining table, this product will add a touch of style and originality to your space.