Special Basket Patés Sardines and Tuna


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Special Basket of Sardine and Tuna Patés is a delicious and diverse set of spicy sardine, tuna, spicy tuna and sardine patés, making it an excellent option for true lovers of Portuguese preserves. - Each box contains 4 75g cans, where you can enjoy a variety of intense and authentic flavors.

- The superior quality of the products is guaranteed by the brand known for its commitment to providing excellent gourmet products.

- These preserves are carefully prepared, using only fresh and selected ingredients, in order to preserve all the flavor and texture of the fish. In addition to being an excellent option for appetizers and snacks, these pâtés can be used as ingredients for an incredible variety of dishes, such as sandwiches, pastas, salads and much more.

- Packed in a special basket, this set is also a great suggestion for an original and sophisticated gift for lovers of traditional Portuguese flavors.