Sweet Basket, Sweetie


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Cabaz Doce, Docinho is the perfect combination of delicious and refined products that guarantee a unique gourmet experience. This wonderful basket includes a careful selection of quality products, such as single-dose Honey, Sparkling Mead and Pollen grains.

Single-dose honey is pure and natural honey, packaged in practical and sophisticated individual doses. With its smooth texture and sweet flavor, it is perfect for sweetening teas, yogurts, pancakes and much more. Feel the sweetness of nature in each dose.

Sparkling Mead is a traditional alcoholic drink, made from honey. With a full-bodied flavor, it is a perfect option for toasting on special occasions or simply enjoying a relaxing moment. Let yourself be enveloped by its complex and delicate flavor.

Pollen grain is a natural superfood, rich in essential nutrients. Add it to smoothies, yogurts or salads for an energy boost and a crunch. Enjoy the nutritional benefits of this versatile ingredient.

This Sweet, Sweet Basket is an original and unique gift suggestion, perfect for surprising your family and friends. With its elegant presentation, it is ideal for giving on special occasions, such as birthdays, weddings, or as a special treat for a loved one.