Limoncello Moricello


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Limoncello Moricello is a traditional artisanal alcoholic drink from southern Italy, made with fresh lemons, sugar and alcohol.

This recipe was passed on to me by my Italian friend Valeria, who regularly received orders from her mother with the essential ingredients for Italian cuisine. Over the past 30 years, I have dedicated time and effort to perfecting this recipe and now I have finally decided to share it with limoncello lovers. Moricello is the name I chose for this liqueur, a tribute to my friendship and Italian origins.

Each bottle of Limoncello Moricello is carefully handcrafted, ensuring exceptional quality and flavor. Fresh lemons are carefully selected to produce a smooth, citrusy liqueur, perfect to enjoy as a digestive after a meal or as a base for refreshing cocktails.

Our limoncello is packaged in elegant bottles, making it also a great original gift option. Surprise your friends and family with an authentic Italian touch.