Raspberry Liqueur 200ml in gift box with bow


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Raspberry Liqueur 200ml in a gift box with a bow is a delicious and sophisticated option to give as a gift or enjoy on special occasions. This liqueur offers a smooth and sweet flavor, the result of the perfect combination of ripe raspberries and Carinus Est Original Liqueur.

Made with high quality ingredients such as fresh raspberries, water, sugar and natural aroma, this liqueur has an alcohol content of 12% Vol. The elegant packaging in a gift box with a bow makes this product an excellent gift option for lovers of gourmet drinks.

Perfect for those who appreciate unique flavors and delicate aromas, Raspberry Liqueur 200ml is ideal for those looking for a different alcoholic drink full of personality.

Ingredients: Carinus Est Original, fresh raspberries, water, sugar, natural flavor.
Capacity: 200ml
Alcohol content: 12% Vol.