Handmade Coffee Liqueur 200ml in gift box with bow


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Artisanal Coffee Liqueur 200ml is a most precious pearl. Made with tasty coffee from Brazil, this liqueur has a robust and deep flavor that provides a true flavor experience.

With 12% alcohol content, this liqueur is ideal to be enjoyed neat, with ice or as an ingredient in cocktails. Avoid mixing with lemon or citrus drinks to preserve the characteristic flavor of this liqueur.

With a capacity of 200ml, this liqueur is perfect for giving to friends and family who enjoy gourmet drinks. Once opened, it is recommended to consume within 5 months to ensure the best tasting experience.

Enjoy the 200ml Artisanal Coffee Liqueur and experience the delicious flavor of this unique and special drink. Elevate your senses with each sip of this coffee liqueur made with quality, carefully selected ingredients.

Ingredients: Carinus Est Original, cream, water, sugar, honey, coffee, E407 stabilizer. Contains milk derivatives and honey.

Capacity: 200ml
Alcohol content: 12% Vol.

Enjoy this delicious velvety coffee, chilled or with ice. Avoid mixing with lemon or citrus drinks
Once opened, consume within the next 5 months.