Honey Trio Basket


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The Honey Trio Hamper is made up of three delicious flavors of flavored honey: cinnamon, lemon and chilli. Perfect for lovers of gourmet drinks, this set also includes a nice bottle of mead and pollen.

With the Honey Trio Hamper, you can enjoy different sensory experiences when tasting each of the honey products. Cinnamon brings a warm and comforting note, lemon adds a citrusy and refreshing touch, while chilli provides a spicy and vibrant flavor.

In addition to the flavored honeys, the set also features a bottle of mead. This traditional alcoholic drink is made from the fermentation of honey, resulting in a smooth and sweet flavor, with touches of honey and spices. Perfect to enjoy in special moments or share with friends and family.

And finally, the Honey Trio Basket includes high quality pollen, known for being an excellent source of nutrients and medicinal properties. Add it to your foods and drinks for an extra dose of energy and health benefits.