Portugal Box Conservas Gourmet Special Regions


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Embark on this journey of flavors! The Portugal Box Conservas Gourmet Especial Regiones is a carefully prepared selection for those who wish to taste the best of Portuguese cuisine. This box contains a variety of preserved fish that will certainly delight your taste buds.


- Sardines with Roasted Peppers: Delicious canned sardine fillets, accompanied by juicy pieces of roasted peppers, for a striking and irresistible flavor.

- Ray in pitau sauce: The skate is carefully prepared in a delicious pitau sauce, which enhances the delicate flavor of this fish.

- Mackerel Fillets in Villain Sauce: The mackerel fillets are dipped in an incredibly tasty villain sauce, with seasonings that bring a spicy and unforgettable touch.

- Cod with Chickpeas: A classic and delicious combination of bacal and chickpeas, providing a unique gastronomic experience.

- Tuna Fillets with Orange and Cinnamon: Canned tuna fillets, seasoned with a mixture of orange and cinnamon, creating a perfect fusion of flavors.

Weight: Each can contains 120g, and you will receive 5 cans in this box, totaling 600g of product.

Briosa Gourmet knows how to preserve the essence of the traditional Portuguese flavor, and this is reflected in the colors of the tiles present in the packaging. Tradition combines with boldness, providing a fusion of incredible flavors through different ingredients, selected fish, sauces and seasonings. Our innovative recipes are carefully developed to provide the best taste experiences to our customers.