Brazilian Cachaça Tellura Silver Bottle 700ml


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Brazilian Cachaça Tellura Prata Bottle 700ml is an alcoholic drink of exceptional quality. This cachaça is stored for 6 months in stainless steel, thus guaranteeing its sophisticated and unique flavor. Tellura, Prata is an art cachaça, carefully distilled in copper stills, following traditional processes developed for decades by the best experts in the field. With a balanced and striking flavor, Tellura Prata Brazilian Cachaça can be enjoyed neat, to enjoy its full essence, or used in drinks to create irresistible combinations. Who can resist a caipirinha?

With the Cachaça Brasileira Tellura Prata Bottle 700ml, you will have in your hands an enriching and authentic experience of Brazilian culture. Enjoy this national treasure and savor every drop of refined flavor.