Pastel de Natas liqueur basket


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Pastel de Natas liqueur basket - Sweet and Sophisticated Gift

Do you want to try a unique Portuguese delight? So don't miss the opportunity to purchase our Pastel de Natas liqueur basket! This exclusive pack is perfect for lovers of the famous and traditional pastel de nata.

The Pastel de Natas Liqueur Hamper includes a 700ml bottle of Pastel de Natas liqueur, designed to capture the authentic and irresistible flavor of this much-loved sweet. Each sip of this liqueur will transport you to the traditional flavors of Portuguese pastries.

The basket also includes two handmade glasses, specially designed to enjoy this liqueur in style. These glasses stand out for their elegance and beauty, perfectly complementing the tasting experience of this unique drink.

This pack is ideal as a gift for friends, family or even for yourself. Its attractive and refined packaging makes it an original gift suggestion for lovers of alcoholic drinks and lovers of Portuguese culture.

And tell me, who can resist a pastel de nata?