Vinegar Moura Alves| Spray 100ml


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"MOURA ALVES" Vinegar is produced from selected wines from harvests older than 10 years. These are wines from the Bairrada region. Its acidification took place entirely naturally, during a long aging process - 10 years, in oak wood of 250 liters and by the action of bacteria that transformed all the alcohol into acetic acid. The unusual 10º of acidity that it presents are the result of this traditional process that forms the basis of the exceptional aroma and flavor of this quality wine vinegar. Being an artisan production, "Moura Alves" vinegar is available in limited quantities. It is a complex vinegar with floral and balsamic aromas; aromas of red fruits; tropical fruits, pear... In the mouth the vinegar is slightly smooth, balanced acid, persistent, tasty, very intense.
An award-winning and unique product!

Some qualities and even advantages already recognized by the action of vinegar are:

-It is a natural preservative.
-There's no salt
- Makes the wire stand out over the food without disturbing it
- Protects food from bacterial contamination
• It has no calories
- Neutralizes bad odors

Awards: "Best of the Best" at the 3rd National Wine Vinegars and Other Traditional Portuguese Vinegars Competition.