Truffles with Coffee Liqueur 20 units in gift box with bow


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The Truffles with Coffee Liqueur box is a sophisticated and delicious gift for gourmet chocolate lovers.

Each truffle is made with 55% cocoa dark chocolate, 100% vegetable UHT topping, butter, sugar, alcohol-free Carinus Est Café (12%Vol), soy lecithin, cocoa powder and E202 stabilizer.

With an intense flavor and creamy texture, these truffles are perfect for sharing with friends and family. Each box contains 20 units and is ideal for giving as a delicious gift.

Please note that the alcohol present in the creation of these truffles is boiled and evaporated, resulting in alcohol-free chocolate truffles.

Enjoy these delicious truffles with coffee liqueur and surprise your loved ones with a unique gift. Buy now in our online store and discover the sophistication and flavor of these irresistible chocolate truffles.

Ingredients: Dark chocolate 55% cocoa, 100% vegetable UHT topping, butter, sugar, Carinus Est Café (12%Vol), (0% alcohol), soy lecithin, cocoa powder, stabilizer E202

Average nutritional values – 100g
Energy – 2444kj/588kcal
Lipids – 43.0g
of which saturated – 38g
Carbohydrates, including sugars – 44g
of which sugars – 41g
Proteins – 4.1g
Salt – 0.45g